Hospital Management System (HMS)

About HMS

The healthcare industry today has such a large variety of hospital management systems that it has become difficult for the buyers to decide on the one that suits them the best. Different medical units require different modules and so most hospital management systems are custom made. The hospital management software is aimed at simplifying day to day medical activities. There are numerous different layers in the hospital process pipeline and it requires different modules to govern them.

Multi-device Support

HMS is PHP based web applications that help you to manage , Update item from anywhere around the globe Office, Home, shop, PC or Mobile. You only need internet connection for it.



  • Admin can manage full hospital.
  • Create, Edit & delete departments.
  • Create, Edit & delete doctor, patient, nurse, pharmacist, accountant, laboratories.
  • Add, edit and delete bed & bed allotment.
  • Admin can manage financial activities
  • Can generate date-to-date payment & expense category wise financial report.
  • Can create, edit & delete payment, expense & categories.
  • Can view the Financial Report.
  • Add, edit & delete medicine & medicine category.
  • Add, edit & delete donor.
  • Add, edit & delete report.
  • Admin can change Hospital Settings.
  • Can view and edit own profile


  • Nurse can manage the Patient, Bed & Donor module.
  • Create, edit and delete patients.
  • Create, edit and delete bed.
  • Create, edit and delete bed allotments.
  • Create, edit and delete bed categories.
  • Create, edit and delete donors.
  • Manage blood bank.
  • lCreate, edit & delete reports.


  • Patient can see own report.
  • Patient can see the blood bank.
  • Can manage own profile


  • Creating unlimited payment and expense categories.
  • Generating a very descriptive Date to Date financial report.
  • Hospital’s Daily, Monthly, Yearly and date to date income report.
  • Category wise Income and expense report


  • Accountant can manage the full financial activities.
  • Add payments.
  • Add expenses.
  • View Invoices.
  • Print Invoices
  • Can generate date-to-date payment & expense category wise financial report.
  • Also can add, edit or delete patients.
  • Can manage own profile.


  • Doctor can create, edit and delete patient.
  • Add, Edit & delete medicine.
  • Add, Edit & delete bed & bed allotments.
  • Add, Edit & delete bed categories.
  • Add, Edit & delete reports.
  • Can view own profile.
  • Can change password.


  • Pharmacist Can manage everything about medicine.
  • Create medicine.
  • Can edit or delete.
  • Can create medicine categories.
  • Can edit or delete them.
  • Can preview or edit own profile.


  • Laboratorist can manage the Patient, Donor and Report modules.
  • Create, edit and delete patients.
  • Create, edit and delete donors.
  • Create, edit and delete reports.
  • Can manage blood bank fully

Financial Activities

  • Through this application hospital’s financial activities can be managed. Financial activities includes:
  • Patient wise Payments.
  • Invoice generation
  • Print Invoices.


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